Fact sheet:

Developer: Wind Limit studios
Based in Lisbon, Portugal
Release Date: Q1 2018
Website: ashes.windlimit.net
Price: tba
Availability:PC, consoles are a possibility
Press Contact: business@windlimit.net
Social: www.facebook.com/ashesindiegame


Ashes is a first person adventure with a heavy focus on narrative and atmosphere.

We mixed a few game genres to try to achieve something new.
The game draws from walking simulators, first person medieval adventures and horror games. It's not exactly a horror game nor it is an adventure rpg, it is something in the middle to be enjoyed in one sitting, like an interactive story where the player gets sucked into the shoes of the protagonist.

You play as an individual that wakes up with memory loss in a dungeon, as you progress through the dungeon you get your memories back unraveling the mystery behind your circumstances.

With puzzles, first person combat, weapon management, platforming and story telling, we hope to give a new kind of adventure to the everyday gamer.


- An engaging story

- First person melee combat

- Many collectibles and achievements

- Destructible environment sections

- First person platforming

- Puzzles

- Physics driven interactions with the world

About the developers:

Ashes is being developed by WindLimit, the studio currently consists of various free lancers from all over the globe and the founder, Philip Machado.

After Talewind, WindLimit wanted to give a shot at 3D with as close as possible triple A graphics and so we decided to go in the opposite direction of Talewind and make something more dark and mature. We wanted to try something new and decided to mix some genres to come up with something fresh.

The development started on august 2017, with unreal as the game engine we hope we can deliver the best experience the market has to offer.